Project Description


A living Nivotone machine

Audiovisual installation, Kunsthaus Graz, 2019

Kunsthaus Graz morphs into a sound machine: ‘Ornaments’ on the BIX-media façade activate the architecture at night and transforms the foyer of Kunsthaus into a soundscape during the day.

Ornament, Zalán Szakács, 2019

The audiovisual artist Zalán Szakács collaborated with the composer Stefan Fraunberger, who contributed the sound to the installation. Together they present a digitally programmed work on BIX-media façade on the Kunsthaus Graz. The work was on show between 19.06 – 26.06.2019. A cooperation between Kunsthaus Graz, sound:frame, and springfestival Graz 2019. In preview to the exhibition ‘Connected’.

Ornament, Zalán Szakács, 2019
Animation of Ornament
Paper Sound, Nikolai Voinov, 1930
Ornament, Zalán Szakács, 2019
Nivotone machine, 1930